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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live, in hd. is abc 7 news at 11:0. an armored car outside of the local wal-mart. we begin with the evidence as for too dangerous attackers. the suspect struck out that of billy, where we are
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live tonight. >> and this video really shows bold and brazen this robbery was. meanwhile, shoppers that we said they can't would pull updy right outside the front door in daylight in do this robbery. this walmart are brazen the armed .obbery was >> that takes nerve. >> of the gunmen arrived in a van and just as the driver is about to put $90,000 in his truck, one of gun andruns up with a dispatches the money away from him. the robbers speed away. >> is a travesty when someone out and invade other people's lives. gosh they ditched the van and other shoppers watching the video say about this seems well
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planned. >> they knew when this was going happen, and they were right there to do it. >> she works right near where happened.y the same armored car company comes there. >> become sometimes twice a day we all know them. it is scary. >> of the economy might be rough, but they are scared that would do something like this to get money. >> it makes the prices go up for us. >> they hope they get caught put someone else's life in danger. >> it would be a good thing to them off the street. >> some of the employees inside thisspeculating whether be an inside job. we just don't know and please lot to go on. the men involved a believer we don'tki masks so what they look like.
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of cart know what type away and after they ditched to the van at the farm nearby here. >> we are on storm watch as the todayskies from earlier rain moves in. >> it to have an impact on your the morning, so with a first look what we can expect. >> it is hard to believe that temperatures,ing this is all rain. go to the area around the furniture weather center where rain is comingf through. even for folks right around cumberland, near freezing. of thed news is because will bee more rainshowers as go through the night. the children's hospital 0.02
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rain. of there officially still is the weather advisory across western maryland. the big story will be the morning showers primarily in the morning that will be tapering off because temperatures rising it or will be in the '50s tomorrow. the more up and down changes to on in the week. >> pedestrian as fighting for he was struck by car in montgomery county near intersection -- the was taken to a suburban hospital with serious injuries. an invasion into what led to the accident is under way. a building is evaluated at 16 people receiving treatment for carbon monoxide exposure. fire and rescue crews assisted
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residents. we have learned a source of this wason monoxide poisoning heater.ortable it does not appear that any of the patients suffered life- threatening injuries. >> a shutdown for the nomination heats up voters in south carolina. a new cnn poll shows that the general election was held president obama would mitty -- narrowly lost to romney and narrowly bet ron paul. >> this was the first of two to saturday'srior primary in decisive south carolina. >> in the former massachusetts hugh though i know president obama is going to come --er me
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defensive on the the debate. he was called on to release his tax returns while newt gingrich apologize for a flurry recent attacks. >> we need to satisfy the country that whoever we record that can stand up to barack obama and a very effective way. >> the people want to have someone who understands how the works, i am the guy that best post up against barack obama. >> of the entire field went president and the foreign policy positions. >> we have been dealing liberals for ourselves. >> our president has a foreign makes our allies nervous and it emboldens our enemy. >> president obama has dealt ash it about as badly possible. downngrich refused to back
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calling in the food stamp president. >> romney said he would consider releasing his tax returns in april. >> one candidate who was missing tonight, jon huntsman. he called upon the remaining stop attacking other and will support mitt romney because he has the best defeat barack obama. stay tuned for complete coverage of the south carolina primary. for instant updates at any time, to plice near charlottesville investigating a young child
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as young as five years old people withtabbing an edge weapon. they were attacked by the child themafternoon, all of hospital for non- life-threatening injuries. d.c. police are searching for the death of a baby girl left on the doorstep and cold.eezing the northeast resident found the about 11:30nfant sunday night. the baby was wrapped in a towel, its skin exposed. >> of the mouth was closed, the closed, that looked frozen stiff. >> he took the infant girl inside and called 911. the baby was in cardiac arrest to thee was rushed hospital where she died. >> a lively scene as the
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treasurer --f our luther king, jr. the celebrated his legacy at the memorial that bears his name. thousands traveled to the mall, one of many ways people mark this holiday. >> thousands converged on the mall, but everyone had message. >> equality and freedom. >> justice everywhere. >> celebratory music and dance filled air in washington today city leaders including the mayor had children in the martin king jr. parade. >> a long day coming. that is what is exciting for me. >> the speech was delivered at lincoln memorial in 1963.
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>> will be able to transform the nation into aur beautiful symphony of brotherhood. >> president obama helped to at the broad education campus. better way to celebrate kane's life than to spend the day helping others. >> there is no better way to celebrate dr. king and to do on behalf of others. >> the president and the first attended the "let freedom concert." he received a standing ovation. to see a photo gallery of martin luther king jr., go to jobsshowdown between steve looking toa company profit on his popularity. and the search for survivors intensifies overseas.
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the setback rescue workers have faced tonight. >> and battles that will impact you. why the internet encyclopedia is shutting down. the agency hasy some questioning that
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then topped with pickles, muststard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty, mouthwatering sub! ♪ let's go captioned by the national captioning institute 11:00s is abc 7 news at your side. >> a health alert for anyone has flown for business or the body scanners. investigators have targeted the radiation to employees. >> this is a story you will want to see. >> they have yet to announce their plan to start putting radiation detection on their employee, but requested an these from federal vendors.
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measuring the level seems to be to what theyrast have been saying all along and radiation is harmful. knowss frequent traveler uncomfortable method for screening. >> this day there are no levels anything likeher that. gosh without actually admitting levels,ght be higher action by the transportation security administration suggests just that. they suggest putting measuring on their officers. >> it is in the idea that keep track going to of it. >> some passenger said they admit that they questioned the agency tellshe them. she hops a flight more than 100
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times a year. >> i am as concerned about the safety as i am about the travelers' safety. >> critics call upon and taking testing even further. the safety in the sky is what is paramount. >> anything that will make us safer. >> of the spokesman told the times that they continuously the technology to ensure is safe for both passengers and their officers. >> new tonight, the number of missing passengers on board the ship has now risen to 29. six people are confirmed dead sharedays after the reef and capsized. italian newspapers reported the capt. sailed close to the shore that the waiter could dilute family on land.
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the captain is facing charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. is joining other a blackout on wednesday for the proposed anti-piracy legislation. they're designed to punish based web sites. during the blackout, a web pages be replaced with information about the protests. a >> d steve jobs action figure is being scrapped. in hong kong manufacturer is production and sales of disposable action figure. it is responding to the pressure and his family. apples and a cease and desist , warning of legal action. >> rain coming down now? gosh hard to believe that after morning, right back into
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is wet for this winter. it will be one tomorrow, back in the '50s. some folks ice skating between raindrops. our temperature outside is rising in to the 40's. let me show you the time lapse. this is our sky and how we saw the clouds coming in. it was a beautiful sunny day the old morning. 40 clouds have the conduct, temperature high only 2 degrees below the average. jackson,t 41, mississippi might be reopening the pool. 72 degrees. here is where the cool stuff is. a real cold stuff remains in alaska. how could these current temperatures while we are
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talking into the 40's. it is 38 below zero and it has heard, anou have incredible winter up there. only for the folks with a is coming to our home page where you can see the what folks are having to deal with their. there is the back of showers continuing to come. there is more for the next 24 hours. overnight tonight, temperatures wind continues to rise. no worries about any ice, be in thees will 40's. the rain moves off with a wind, temperature the 50s. 10 degrees above average. the more scattered showers with rising throughout morning, tomorrow afternoon degrees.t close to 60
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but to the showers during morning, maybe a few breaks as afternoon ande airher batch of colder begins to come our way. closed average in the middle part of the week. give snow lovers a excitement, that just a passingbe fleury. >> we continue the rollercoaster. every day is different. >> of the ravens are looking up. >> it should be a terrific game, defending the brady bunch. and the saunders exploded when saw this against the rockets. i will take you back to the wizards game coming up next in sp
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of the wizard to play a rockets thisst the afternoon and there were things saunders wasthat very happy about, but there were that set him off as well. the dow 19 points in the second half, it was a five-point game until this turnover. it was mcgee that of said saunders. have a breakaway right here, watch this. of of the backboard, he thought rockets whoed the to win the game. >> i told him that is unacceptable. maybe i am old school, but save for the all-star game. we have players that look for highlights rather than substance. >> but do that when you are one and 12. play thestraight wins,
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islanders tomorrow night. by the green will lead a nominal will be out. the ravens are gearing up for afc championship game against the patriots. harbaugh talking about his defense and beating up on the texans. baltimore got four of them. was shaken up but ok. >> a huge fan of belichick and brady. he is one of the best to ever play. >> at the same time, somebody win and somebody has to lose. terps played host to the cavaliers gave all they could handle. they never led by more than eight. the maryland star hit a couple trees, five assists, blocks, and a couple of rebounds, scoring 20 points and
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outstanding in maryland. let's go to high school basketball. the eagles down to in the final second. comes the shot. the buzzer goes off right after it is released. the heads of the three ball, 75- 73. they go to 15-0 with a win over patterson of new jersey. continuing to rebuild from the 2-10 season. now he is about to sign brian new defensivee coordinator. he started the role of the houston and before with the dallas cowboys in philadelphia eagles. >> can we give them some wizards uniforms? >> the have to freshman and the starting five. >> a special delivery, we will about one baby's wamatic arrival into the
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almost returned help the washington humane society. the 3000 new facebook friends twitter followers, will each of those washingtono the humane society. >> filling out the place of
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for one new york city be a bit of a challenge because this little guy on this morning came into the world on a moving train. the mom thought she was having labor, so they set off on to check in with their but the baby could not wait. but the time they reached their stock, the baby was here. will be right back.
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>> some more rain showers tomorrow, temperatures near 60 degrees tomorrow. another cold front coming our temperatures into the 40's. there is doppler, right here on the weather page. it will be active over the next hours, but great. no snow, but this is the winter.
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>> the
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